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Subject: Turisas
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mielikki 13.10.09 - 04:23am
SOUND - Epic folk/Viking metal

LYRICAL THEMES - Battles, Journeys, Glory, Mythology, History

ORIGIN - Hameenlinna, Finland

FORMED - 1997


Warlord Nygard - Vocals, keyboards, programming

Jussi Wickstrom - Guitar

Hannu Horma - Bas*

Tude Lehtonen - Drums, percussion

Olli Vanska - Violin

Netta Skog - Accordion


Georg Laakso - Guitar

Ari Karkkainen - Guitar

Mikko Tormikoski - Bas*

Tino Ahola - Bas*

Antti Ventola - Keyboards

Lisko Makinen - Accordion


Formed under the name Koylio in 1997, the band's name was changed to Turisas between 1998 and 1999

On the morning of October 29th 2005 Georg was in a severe car accident that left him wheelchair bound. After several months uncertainty, he finally retired in July 2006. It is unlikely that he will ever be able to walk or play guitar again

Lisko Makinen was removed from the lineup in early 2008 after effectively disappearing. When the band flew back to Finland from a tour in the Netherlands, Lisko called them to advise he wouldn't fly on the same plane. The other members have not seen him since, and received only a few text messages as means of communication


Promo - 1999

The Heart of Turisas EP - 2001

Battle Metal - 2004

To Holmgard And Beyond single - 2007

The Varangian Way - 2007

Rasputin single - 2007

A Finnish Summer With Turisas DVD - 2008 *

mielikki 13.10.09 - 04:41am

I take a look around,
the blood of our men has painted the ground.
There are corpses lying everywhere.
Some try to pray,
some cry in despair.
As our enemy cuts it's way through our lines,
desperate thoughts take over our minds.
Is this to be the end of our days?

The overwhelming enemy
rides our front lines down,
with hate in their faces,
with hate in their sound.
Hundreds of men lying wounded on the ground.
No one can help them.
''To their destiny they're bound''

I think of my family.
I think of my home,
interrupted by a fearful tone.
''We're practically dead!
They'll slaughter us all!''
Through a cloud of dust,
I see our right wing fall

This cursed war,
will swa11ow us all.
What will happen to our loved ones,
the ones we're fighting for?

I will not stand,
and watch this army fall.
We will fight back.
Hear us roar!

Pull your lines together.
Our fury is greater than the worst stormy weather.
I grasp the sword in my hand.
This is for my brothers.
This is for my land.
With blood on my face,
to battle I ride.
With dust in my eyes,
with faith in my heart,
until death,
do us part

From the skies,
a man came down to Earth,
he lead our way and rode first.
How dark the night may seem,
a new day always heals

I stroll across the field,
the morning has broken,
our victory's been sealed.
The hooves have plowed the ground to mud,
familiar faces in ponds of blood.
A snowflake lands on my face,
melts and runs away.
The sun rose red,
that day *

mielikki 13.10.09 - 05:19am

Gathered round the wooden table,
same tavern as the nights before.
I brace myself against the gable,
sunlight pushes it's way through a gap in the door

As the golden sunbeams *it my eyes,
I stand up and raise my pint,
up high

One more,
for our brothers who fought beside us.
One more and forward again.
Once more,
we'll fight and conquer,
until we'll meet again

Staring at the stools not taken,
I reach for my tankard of ale.
The silence remains unbroken.
All you hear is a tinkle of maille

As the golden sunbeams,
reach my eyes,
I stand up and raise my pint,
up high

Like a raging thunderstorm,
we flew down the forested hill,
tree trunks and rocks passing by.
The endless ranks,
stood waiting out in the open field.
My fingers gripped the handle of my sword

With full power,
we smashed into their lines.
The ground shook,
swords tasted flesh.
Hooves trampling over men,
screaming for their lives.
The battle raged,
until both troops were threshed

Grief no more over friends who died,
that day will come to us all.
Until then we shall fight with pride,
raise our pints till the dawn

Grief no more over friends who died,
that day will come to us all.
Side by side we shall ride once more,
when the Horn calls for War

Feeling low and heavy hearted,
interrupted by a distant alarm.
Seems like the war has started,
may it be for our brothers in arms

Once again that golden sunbeam,
reaches my eyes.
I stand up and raise my sword,
up high

One more,
for our brothers who fought beside us.
One more and forward again.
Once more,
we'll fight and conquer,
until we'll meet again

One more,
for our brothers who fought beside us.
One more and forward again.
Once more,
we'll fight and conquer.
We'll see you when we die.
We'll see you when we die *

iilmadme 13.10.09 - 08:10am
This is gud.Yeah,epic was the word i was searchin for *

darkxn 13.10.09 - 08:44am
Yay! Turisas! I only hav one track of theirs from MetalHammer mag bt luv it...! Must get mor!!! rocker.GIF *

whitewae 13.10.09 - 09:27am
That lisko was wierdhuh.GIF *

borae 13.10.09 - 10:47am
Unfortunate, to hear of Georg's state, did anything get released as Koylio? Doubtfull as the time between name change wasnt long, i like this group, only saw a few tracks on web, but i was instantly taken. *

borae 13.10.09 - 06:57pm
Great lyrics posted, lyrics, as well as music, maybe the reason i like this band, and the developing a bias toward thier genre, i love story telling lyrics. The whole point of song *

borae 13.10.09 - 07:02pm
Then again, Hel and Viikate are in languages i dont understand, so kinda discounts the lyrics as a reason...maybe were not meant to question, or explain why. *

ruoska 14.10.09 - 12:06am
The Varangian Way is such a great album. This is how you tell a story and make it sound epic. Nothing wrong with Battle Metal either, just prefer Varangian Way over it *

mielikki 14.10.09 - 01:21am
Have you got A Finnish Summer With Turisas DVD ruoska? *

ruoska 14.10.09 - 04:25pm
nope, I haven't. Will be getting it eventually *

borae 14.10.09 - 06:46pm
I hear theyve used pigs blood in stage shows, or is that urban mythagestink.GIF *

ruoska 15.10.09 - 06:08am
doesn't sound like Turisas to me dontknow.GIF *

darkxn 15.10.09 - 11:58am
In a MetalHammer spanish inquisition, they said it was real bt they gt it from d local abbatoir Pmpl.GIF *

mielikki 15.10.09 - 01:55pm
Never EVER trust Metalhammer. Garbage magazine *

borae 15.10.09 - 08:24pm
Lol.GIFso thats a 'd*mned if we know' makes no odds either way, just a curious thing. *

ruoska 19.10.09 - 08:02am
When it comes to music magazines I go for Soundi and Inferno, Miasma too sometimes I find it on the shelf *

mielikki 19.10.09 - 08:17am
Metal Maniacs was great (RIP) and Zero Tolerance is good *

borae 20.10.09 - 04:52pm
wow. would you believe someone, this very minute has bought not one, but two turisas albums for less than 17quid. yeah.GIF *

borae 26.10.09 - 02:50am
Ra-Ra-Rasputin lover of the rusian queen they put some poison into his wine Ra-Ra-Rasputin russias greatest love machine he drank it all and said he was fine dance2.GIFda da-da da da-da-dar lol.GIFor summat. silly song to like eh *

mielikki 26.10.09 - 04:44am
lol.GIF They've been playing that song live since their first demo *

iilmadme 26.10.09 - 04:59am
Lol that appeals to my sense of humour,that duz *

ruoska 26.10.09 - 05:48am
that song brings back memories, oh how I used to listen to it *

mielikki 26.10.09 - 06:14am
Used to? Don't like it much anymore? *

ruoska 26.10.09 - 07:05am
I do but don't have it in my mp3-player anymore. And when I'm on my laptop I listen to stuff on shuffle so it has weak chances of getting played *

borae 26.10.09 - 07:39pm
ok. one of you, like me, has to believe: that although varangian way and battle metal are both great albums, that battle metal stands out further. and for one reason alone the Prolouge for R.R.R *

mielikki 13.02.10 - 09:52am
Turisas have some new material being worked on, maybe out late this year. So much good music coming out this year! faint.GIF *

ruoska 13.02.10 - 09:56am
Too much for a students budget I would say :( *

mielikki 13.02.10 - 10:03am
Yeah comfort.GIF *

aenglisc 13.02.10 - 12:58pm
hyper.GIFi adore Turisa. ill be looking forward as much to that as the on comming Forefather *

bby_g 4.03.10 - 10:40am
A FINNISH SUMMER WITH TURISAS! DVD: REVIEW :o) 80 mins of live footage, 1 hour documentary and more.. Songs featured: As torches rise~ To Holmgard and beyond~A portage to the unknown~The messenger~ One more~ In the court of jarisleif~Fields of gold~The dnieper rapids~The land of hope and glory~Miklagard overture~sahti waari~Rasputin and battle metal!!! Join them on their road trip in 2008, to play more shows in their home country finland then ever before. Not only do you get a glimpse of their amazing live peformances and to add a little extra touch, the blood and the fur :o) you also get an insight into learning the secrets of the sauna and other finnish traditions on the nights when the sun never sets.Be told of lake katuma: which means regret and the story as to why this is so. Get to know the members individually and see their true character behind the scenes. Take the journey with them from Hameelinna to Turkuto to Nummijarvi to Helsinki and to other places too. What an absoloutely amazing experience this was to watch if you haven't seen it, by all means do!! I highly recommend it :o) *

bby_g 4.03.10 - 11:02am
Some parts i didnt mention was with the sauna tradition they whip each other with whats called vihta. Hehe which was quiet interesting. They also make netta bunji jump from a crane. Poor girl looked horrified lol.GIF. All in all i really enjoyed it. *

ruoska 4.03.10 - 11:19am
Turisas will tour Australia this year *

ruoska 4.03.10 - 11:21am
Really need to get that DVD but I'm trying to focus on getting all the albums I've planned to buy first. Still haven't been able to by Skyforger by Amorphis for example *

bby_g 4.03.10 - 11:29am
Touring australia! Oh my god!!! Am so going to see them!!! Def get the dvd ruoska its worth it. *

ruoska 4.03.10 - 11:35am
I think I would need a new DVD player actually. I watched the Sentenced DVD last autumn (for like 20th time already) and the audio track doesn't work that well. I couldn't hear the guitar solos. I know it's not the disc as my player fades away some of the instruments in an audio disc also *

aenglisc 4.03.10 - 01:42pm
supurb stuff. thanks bby- think i will have to get this. .ive seen it with an audio c.d online somewhere. .itll be my very next purchase when im back on proper web. *

bby_g 5.03.10 - 12:23am
Yeah new dvd player in need by the sounds of it ruoska. :o) *

bby_g 5.03.10 - 12:25am
Thats ok aenglisc, hope you liked reading the review. :o) im sure you.d enjoy the dvd too. *

bby_g 5.03.10 - 04:44am
hug.GIF thankyou to mielikki for the dvd. Wouldnt have seen it otherwise. *

mielikki 5.03.10 - 05:06am
That's ok and thank you for the review *

bby_g 5.03.10 - 05:17am
No problem. *

aenglisc 6.03.10 - 07:28pm
i did bby- enought to promt buying my own, id been pondering it awhile. proper web isnt need after all. just ordered on my mobiles internet, how cute is that? if only they could cut the delivery time to within an hour, itd be perfect. *

bby_g 6.03.10 - 09:59pm
lol.GIF that is cute, mobiles arent they great inventions hehe. hope it doesnt take too long. *

aenglisc 6.03.10 - 10:08pm
yeah. they are that, when they do work as they should, expect ill have it by end of next week, only comming from Germany. *

bby_g 6.03.10 - 10:09pm
Not to long to wait. Great :o) *

aenglisc 6.03.10 - 10:12pm
All being well, you should maybe review an alb*m too *

bby_g 6.03.10 - 10:20pm
Yeah for sure, hmm only thing is i dont have their albums just the dvd and some of their songs on a disc. Other then that i think its a good suggestion. *

aenglisc 6.03.10 - 10:31pm
Which of those you have stand out from the others, if any? *

bby_g 6.03.10 - 10:58pm
Which are my favourite songs? *

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