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Star VisionOrVoid
Owner on hiatus

Group Founder: kute_lez
Description: The ultimate group for those into underground metal, punk, ambient, folk and progressive rock
Group Type: Public join
Members: 131
Category: Music > Alternative

Topics (435)

go Jukebox [873] kute_lez
What are you listening to now?

go Chuck Schuldiner: Ten Years On (2) lucretia
i found this article posted 9 minutes ago on Metal Hammer, thought i'd share it here..Unbelievably, its been ten years since Death founder and innovator of death metal Chuck Schuldiner lost his battle...

go Cynic (4) lucretia
SOUND: Thrash Metal (early), Progressive Death Metal/Fusion (later)LYRICAL THEMES: Personal thoughts, Philosophy, PeaceCOUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United StatesLOCATION: Miami, FloridaFORMED: 1987CURRENT LINEU...

go Asmodeus (0) lucretia
SOUND: Black MetalLYRICS: Satanism, War, Death, MysticismCOUNTRY OF ORIGIN: AustriaLOCATION: Graz, StyriaFORMED: 1996STATUS: activeCURRENT LINEUP: Tyr, GuitarsDesdemon, Vocals; Bas* Nordger, Drums (20...

go Nocturnus (2) lucretia
SOUND: Death MetalLYRICS: Anti-Christianity, Necronomicon, Occultism, Sci-FiCOUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United StatesLOCATION: Tampa, FloridaFORMED: 1987STATUS: Split-upLAST LINEUP:Mike Davis, Guitar (1988-199...

go Forefather [142] kute_lez SOUND - Heathen Metal LYRICAL THEMES - AngloSaxon history, medieval, Heathenism, English Pride ORIGIN - Leatherhead, England FORME...

go Savatage (5) lucretia
SOUND: Heavy/Power Metal, Progressive Metal/RockLYRICAL THEMES: Spirituality, humanity, fantasyCOUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United StatesLOCATION: Tampa, FloridaFORMED: 1983LAST KNOWN LINEUP: Johnny Lee Middlet...

go Kampfar (2) mielikki
SOUND - Black metal LYRICAL THEMES - Viking mytholgy, cold, nature ORIGIN - Fredrikstad, Norway FORMED - 1994 CURRENT LINEUP Dolk - Vocals Thomas - Guitars II13 - Drums, Vocals Jon Bak...

go Perkele (33) kute_lez
SOUND - Oi, street punk LYRICAL THEMES - Respect, society, friendship ORIGIN - Gothenberg, Sweden FORMED - 1993 CURRENT LINEUP Ron - Guitar, vocals Chris - Bass, voclas Jonsson - Drums, ...

go Anathema (14) ed1983
Genre(s)Doom/Death Metal (early), Atmospheric Rock (later)Origin: United Kingdom (Liverpool, England)Lyrical theme(s)Doom, Personal Struggles, Love, DespairCurrent line-upVincent Cavanagh - Vocals, G...

go AJATTARA (2) b_doll
SOUND : Black/Dark MetalORIGIN : HelsinkiFORMED : 1996LYRICAL THEMES : Death, Paganism, EvilCURRENT LINE UP : Ruoja (Pasi Koskinen) - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards (1996-) (Amorphis, Mannhai, Shape of Des...

go Turisas [86] mielikki
SOUND - Epic folk/Viking metal LYRICAL THEMES - Battles, Journeys, Glory, Mythology, History ORIGIN - Hameenlinna, Finland FORMED - 1997 CURRENT LINEUP Warlord Nygard - Vocals, keyboards, pr...

go Agalloch (13) mielikki
SOUND - Atmospheric post-metal with neofolk influence LYRICS - Nature, loss, depression, winter COUNTRY - USA FORMED - 1995 LINEUP John Haughm - Vocals, guitars, (ex-drums) Don Anders...

go Sabaton (21) mielikki
SOUND - Power/heavy metal LYRICAL THEMES - Military History, Metal, Fantasy ORIGIN - Dalarma, Sweden FORMED - 1999 CURRENT LINEUP Joakim Broden - Vocals (also keyboard) Rikard Sunden - G...

go Jaldaboath [68] kute_lez
SOUND - Medieval Black Metal LYRICAL THEMES - Medieval, Holy Grail ORIGIN - England FORMED - 2007 CURRENT LINEUP Jaldaboath - Guitar, keyboard, vocals The Mad Mullah - Drums Sir Bodrick - ...


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Files (212)

1 Pyramaze - What Lies Beyond
2 Pyramaze - Ancient Words Within
3 KYPCK - 1917
4 KYPCK - Stalingrad
5 Kiuas - The Visionary
6 Kiuas - Of Love, l*st and Human Nature
7 Sabaton - Coat of Arms
8 Sabaton - White Death
9 Airs
10 Ghost Brigade - Minus Side
11 Kroda
12 Old Corpse Road - The Echoes of Tales Once Told
13 Grailknights
14 Bran Barr logo
15 La Rumeur des Chaines


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go Should I let the group Admin come in? (We may be able to get a higher ranking)
go This group is ...
go Should I add a ponts system for the group?
go Which country,do you think, has the best metal bands/scene?
go Would you like it if I added Heathen poetry to my group?
go What types of bands would you like to see interviews with?
go What would you like more of in the group?
go Since there is an audience of intelligent music fans on Prodigits,why is the music forum dominated by idiotic posts?
go Should my group be public or private?
go Fav Sub Genre Of Metal
go Who were the best Norwegian Black Metal band of the 90s?
go What makes a really good track for you?