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Subject: Jaldaboath
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kute_lez 6.02.09 - 04:59am
SOUND - Medieval Black Metal

LYRICAL THEMES - Medieval, Holy Grail

ORIGIN - England

FORMED - 2007


Jaldaboath - Guitar, keyboard, vocals
The Mad Mullah - Drums
Sir Bodrick - Bas*


They take their inspiration from the Knights Templars, the crusades of the medieval period, the tradition of the troubadours and screen classics Black Adder and Monty Python

Hark The Herald EP *

whitewae 6.02.09 - 03:07pm
so the ep was their 1st compilation of any sort huh? i had no idea. *

kute_lez 30.04.09 - 07:00am

Bring me the head of Metatron.
Bring me the head of Metatron!

Riding Hell's barren wastes,
on my steed.

This host of monsters,
are my creed,
and in battle,
we shall bleed

Bring me,
the head,
of Metatron!

We tally for the cup of Christ,
the Holy Grail,
in my battle armour,
and chain mail.
When the wind blows,
we shall set sail

Where does he dwell?
No-one can tell,
but it's north of the citadel,
of Londinium.
Grand master of lies,
dispatching his spies,
south to the Castle,
of Rhydian

North we shall ride,
steel at my side,
an order from,
the Knights of Malta.
Too long he has sat,
on his throne of mockery.
When we meet,
there shall be slaughter!

Bring me,
the head,
of Metatron.
Now! *

mielikki 21.02.10 - 02:12am
Fathomless greets and clashes of the tankards!

We have unveiled a little of the new battlesome hymns for you called Calling On All Heraldic Beasts.
We hope you can jig a sprig to this thunderous tomfoolery and dance the driblet thrugsome!

We will endeavour to keep all informed of the works undertaken in the crypts, now that the frosts have gone and the slithy toads have risen from the dank murmurs

Until next time Crazed leshells and Battering Ramlets

Grand Master Jaldaboath *

mielikki 21.02.10 - 02:18am
Hail laurelled and battle hardy brethren!

Tis a long moon since our last scroll meet your scribbled eyes! We come bearing news!

Some time past, we met upon the battlefield to seek truce and ally with the tutonic knights of Napalm Records but alas, like the templars before them, they sought to extract the urine and pay paltry mercenary's wages!

Further more, they made unruly demands of the removal of all casio elements, which (as any follower of our banner knows) is the fundamental root of what makes our hymns so jollisome and full of goodness.

Therefore, we withdrew back behind the battlements of the Castle of Rhydian to seek a more rewarding path. One perhaps lesser in scale, yet still bountifull in wenches and ale. For as the sooth sayers know, tis not just the small victories which go into winning a war, but the tattle tailed throbbing of the man gristle also!

Therefore, we call upon ye to hear the ''Hear yea!'' for tis with our stable of good soldiers at Death To Music through whom we shall send our musical disc spinning into the laps of the leppars, languards and loathsome! You will be able to order yours shortly, as shall be announced soon

We will shortly be bringing you a full disc of the hymns you know and love, plus the mighty fine new scribings to which you can don the lamboys and schallerns and raise the ale horns to!

Gracious thanks for your continuing support and your patience!

PS We have sought the magic of our mighty wizard apprentice Spungeon, to break the spell which unfortunately divided the Napalm contract into 100 smaller versions. These much be dispatched to the first 100 supporters of the cause and burnt as offerings to the dark lord!

Grand Master Jaldaboath *

mielikki 21.02.10 - 02:49am
omg.GIF Calling On All Heraldic Beasts is going to be great. I just listened to a 1:15 sample 10 times in a row. Can't wait! *

aenglisc 22.02.10 - 12:03pm
battle hardy brethren onwardslol.GIFi love thier way with words *

mielikki 22.02.10 - 12:41pm

Ok, let me start by saying I am not a great writer of reviews so excuse the quality

The band Jaldaboath was formed by Jaldaboath (James Fogarty, ex-Meads Of Asphodel, ex-Ewigkeit, Old Forest, The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom) and play a mix of simplistic black metal riffs, with dancy prancy, yet noble galloping and uplifting keyboard work. Don't expect traditional folk melodies and serious history here! This takes more from the likes of Black Adder and Monty Python And The Holy Grail. Now to the songs, and since there are only 6 tracks, a track by track review is in order

Sally Forth starts off the EP, an intro. We hear the shouts of SALLY FORTH and from then on the sounds of men, swords clashing, horses galloping and some kind of religious chant

The first real song is Bring Me The Head Of Metatron ,an obvious reference to Jaldaboath's ex band mate from The Meads Of Asphodel. The song kicks off properly with the possessed growl of BRING ME THE HEAD OF METATRON! Galloping riffs and merry melodies is what Jaldaboath do best, and that is shown from the start. The vocals are harsh but recognisable and the melody and rhythm make me imagine knights galloping across the countryside. There is a slip in tempo in the mid section but picks up to finish

Next we have Seek The Grail which starts off with rolling timpani and a shout of SEEK THE GRAIL! The riff is quite punk-ish but is backed by synthesized trumpets. The thing that stands out most is the quite hilarious Python-esque whistle tune that is heard twice in the track!

The fourth track is Jacques de Molay which is about the Grand Master of The Knights Templar, who was burned at the stake for heresy and many other odd crimes, after lengthy torture. He went back on his confession, but it was too late. A very simple song, with a catchy melody of medieval descent, not quite sure where it's from but *

mielikki 22.02.10 - 12:53pm
Tarujen Saari and The Meads Of Asphodel have both used it

Next we have Hark The Herald with more uplifting prancy keyboards and galloping riffs. There are no harsh vocals in this track and it'd be easy to dance to. It also has some odd lyrics, for example

Hark the herald,
the war drums beat.
Hark the call,
the call to arms.
Sally forth,
at no retreat.
Saddle thine horse,
and raise the alarm

The final track is Da Vinci's Code and I guess you know the story. The music is slower, no uplifting melody, with harsh and clean vocals. It ends the EP off in a good way

I really enjoy the EP and can't wait for the new album. Fans of folk metal, Black Adder and Monty Python's Holy Grail movie would love this *

aenglisc 22.02.10 - 02:05pm
supurbly done! only: hark the herald doent read particularly odd to me. .not sure what you mean.

'Dancy-prancy yet noble'lol.GIFi know exactly what i expect from that. .thatd be python-adder-esque on full gallop..ive got to hear these *

mielikki 22.02.10 - 02:58pm
There is a short sample in the group of Bring Me The Head Of Metatron if they want to hear *

ed1983 22.02.10 - 07:43pm
that sounds very good!!! a mustdownload haha i will look around if i can find it anywhere.. *

mielikki 23.02.10 - 12:09am

Try that ed *

skim_gir 23.02.10 - 12:11am
welll...they do sound in charge indeed lol

mielikki 23.02.10 - 01:02am

Hark the call!
Venture forth!
Seek the grail!
Travel wide!
Seek the land,
of the king,
who was wounded!

Seek the grail!

Sir Percival,
seek the bleeding lance,
and mend the broken sword.
Look for the isle of Avalon,
and seek the wounded king,
and heal the wasted land

It takes more than strength,
you need,
pure heart,
to recover what was lost

learnest thee,
what is the secret,
of the grail?
Land and King,
heal as one!

Sharpen thy wits,
and bleed thy heart,
for the question shall be asked.
Thy quest doth not bring happiness,
but the land shall surely die unless,
The Holy Grail is found!

It takes more than strength,
you need,
pure heart,
to recover what was lost *

mielikki 23.02.10 - 01:10am

''I made the contrary declaration only to suspend the excessive pains of torture, and to mollify those who made me endure them...''

Grand Master ,
33rd degree,
did take to the grave,
his masonry.
He left his mark,
on the Turin shroud,
but was burnt alive,
for the Parisian crowd

Denied the Christ,
trampled the cross,
rode to Jerusalem,
on his horse.
At the stake,
he renounced his lies.
The smoke left hanging,
in the skies

Jacques De Molay!

Thou art avenged,
Jacques De Molay,
for tis Friday,
the 13th today.
The royal blood,
they did chasten,
for the execution,
of this Mason

Jacques De Molay!

''The life offered me on such infamous terms, I abandon without regret...''

They buried,
the mighty heretics,
these Templars,
with their magic tricks,
but fire's freedom,
laughed the last,
and echoes loudly,
from the past *

aenglisc 23.02.10 - 01:14am
Grin.GIFi love the slightly archaic way with words, dont hear it near enough. . .or should i say: one doth like to harken the speach of days of yore and doth long to hear more *

mielikki 23.02.10 - 01:18am

Waste the wenches!
Hark the herald!
The King wants blood!

Hark the herald,
the war drums beat.
Hark the call,
the call to arms!
Sally forth,
at no retreat.
Saddle thine horse,
and raise the alarm!

The king hath decreed,
us knights do battle,
for the honour,
of his fair queen.
Now we ride,
to meet the brutes on their own ground.
Mace, steel and lance,
has vengeance found!

Waste the wenches!
Hark the herald!
The King wants blood!

Deep entrenched,
Lord Asquith is hiding,
in his fort,
portcullis is down.
Lay siege will we,
and yeild will he,
to declare the innocence of our queen,
the wh*re

Waste the wenches!
Hark the herald!
The King wants blood!

Women crying.
Witches scrying.
Banners flying.
Knights dying!

Hark the herald!
Hark the herald *

mielikki 23.02.10 - 01:25am

More than simple,
the bloodline survived,
the crucifixion.
The Hospitaler Knights,
of St John,
they hid the secret,
holy s

Da Vinci left a hidden trail,
to holy blood and holy grail.
The Christ indeed,
had kith and kin,
born from the womb,
of Magdelene

of illumination,
Da Vinci left the clues,
of Christ's secret,
blood relation,
the royalty of the Jews

Da Vinci left a hidden trail,
to holy blood and holy grail.
The Christ indeed,
had kith and kin,
born from the womb,
of Magdelene

The truth threatens,
the Roman cult,
so the pontiffs,
hid the youth.
Only adepts,
of all things occult,
come close to find,
the truth *

aenglisc 23.02.10 - 01:30am
cheers mielikki. off of reading alone, think hark the herald sounds the better *

mielikki 23.02.10 - 01:32am
lol.GIF I can't wait until the new album, it is going to be great! *

aenglisc 23.02.10 - 01:34am
ye olde worlde shakespearian metal nod.GIF tis the future *

mielikki 23.02.10 - 01:37am
You have no idea how catchy this EP is lol.GIF If the new myspace sample is anything to go by the full length debut is going to get stuck in my head a lot *

mielikki 23.02.10 - 01:38am
V2nN9K97OaXkU0ZufZS2.jpg *

mielikki 23.02.10 - 01:40am

r3Bq0dXtzIVXFExdOShD.jpg *

aenglisc 23.02.10 - 01:42am
i know its probably more jokey style of vocal, but i cant help but imagine a Turisas style while reading the lyrics *

aenglisc 23.02.10 - 01:46am
im sure the arabic styling of the text goes down well *

mielikki 23.02.10 - 01:52am
The harsh vocals are what you'd find it The Meads Of Asphodel and the clean vocals are well...Monty Python or Black Adder style, especially on Hark The Herald *

aenglisc 23.02.10 - 02:12am
so, a bit campish, or more the quirky nonsense chattery. personally wouldnt mark blackadder and python as comparable. .except theyre both snakes *

mielikki 23.02.10 - 02:39am
They have a similar British charm is what I mean. lol.GIF Camp is a very good word for this *

aenglisc 23.02.10 - 02:55am
British charm? nah.GIFno such animal. . .just heard the 'bring me the head . .' sample. .i get it now, quite right *

ed1983 23.02.10 - 07:28am
thanks for the link!!! Its downloading now!! *

ed1983 28.02.10 - 09:53am
This is really good music!!! Seek The Grail is my personal favorite!! *

mielikki 4.03.10 - 05:25am

mielikki 4.03.10 - 05:48am
Can't wait to hear this! omg.GIF *

mielikki 4.03.10 - 05:51am
Released St George's Day (23rd April 2010) *

mielikki 4.03.10 - 05:55am
After selling out all copies of the limited edition EP Hark The Herald and surviving near fatal encounters with jabberwockies, turncoat squires and a prospective vagabond record label (Napalm Records) the battle brethren known to all as Jaldaboath have gathered strength and finally completed their first full album!

On St George's day, in the year 2010, we will see the understated release of a full missal of hymns detailing the high adventures of this minstrel metal trio is finally complete and available exclusively through Death To Music productions

With the backing of this Anti-label, Jaldaboath are able and delighted to bring you the full 10 track alb*m The Rise of the Heraldic Beasts featuring favourite battle standards old and new! This will be a classic, believe it!

We could bore you with tales of ill fated jousting journeys to mastering studios and combat with the CD pressing plant, but what's the point?! All that matters now is that the crusade is now complete and you can now pre order to ensure you recieve your copy as near to St George's day as dammit!

All copies will come with some kind of bonus item, be it a historical scroll, badge or even a miniature version of the abandoned Napalm Records contract for all followers to burn in tribute to the freedom of our knights errant!

mielikki 4.03.10 - 06:04am

British Pounds - 9

9.50 Euros

Australian Dollars - Around 17 *

aenglisc 4.03.10 - 07:04am
lmao.GIFThey crack me up *

aenglisc 4.03.10 - 09:27pm
Am i the only one that would quite like to be bored with tales of ill fated jousting journeys at mastering studios and combat with pressing plant? *

mielikki 16.04.10 - 05:21am
Dear sires and subjects,

We have recieved word that threatening hordes on the eastern front have become aroused, so harken the thundering hoofs of Gildrich and the grumbling grovelhogs, for the pauper shalt inherit the tools of the userer!

Hails unto you all whom have supported our crusade thus far

Grand Master Jaldaboath

mielikki 16.04.10 - 09:28am
hyper.GIF I want it NOW.GIF *

aenglisc 17.04.10 - 12:45am
lol.GIFnot long t wait now *

mielikki 23.04.10 - 03:35am
The new alb*m is out, and all European pre orders have reached their owners, but due to flight delays because of the Icelandic volcano, other continents have to wait *

mielikki 23.04.10 - 03:35am
Pre Orders came with a Bash the Bishop Pin Badge and a poster with a Family Tree of the English Monarchy and the Shields of the Prin l Knights-in-arm Knights who fought at the Battle of Hastings *

mielikki 23.04.10 - 03:40am

1. Hark The Herald

2. Calling On All Heraldic Beasts

3. Bash The Bishop

4. Seek The Grail

5. Axe Wielding Nuns

6. Jaldaboath

7. Bring Me The Head Of Metatron

8. Jacques de Molay

9. March To Cavalry

10. Da Vinci's Code *

ruoska 23.04.10 - 05:47am
Axe wielding nuns is probably one of the best track titles I've ever heard *

aenglisc 23.04.10 - 06:58am
Oh dear. *

aenglisc 24.04.10 - 01:21pm
poor.GIFknew i shouldve pre-ordered. Wouldnt have minded that poster. .went to order it today. .but got distracted and bought something else *

aenglisc 24.04.10 - 01:49pm
On order.good2.GIF. .though it probably should be the last i order f least a month, had to order a new mobileangry3.GIF *

aenglisc 26.04.10 - 06:28pm
Any word on when to expect yours Mielikki *

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