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Subject: Chuck Schuldiner: Ten Years On
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lucretia 13.12.11 - 12:31pm
i found this article posted 9 minutes ago on Metal Hammer, thought i'd share it here..

Unbelievably, its been ten years since Death founder and innovator of death metal Chuck Schuldiner lost his battle with cancer. We remember the man that changed the face of extreme music and the legacy he left behind.

Has it really been ten years since we lost one of the greatest artists to ever grace extreme music? On this day in 2001, Chuck Schuldiner, guitarist, songwriter and founder of seminal death metal innovators Death, was taken from us at the age of just 34 years old.

Originally founded as Mantas back in 1983, the Floridian death metallers soon rebranded themselves, renaming themselves Death and beginning a career that, helmed by Chucks incredible talents as a frontman and a songwriter, would see them become one of the most influential extreme metal bands of all time and, arguably, one of the most important metal bands in history.

'Scream blood Gore', 'Leprosy', the timeless 'Human' ...the music Chuck left behind speaks for itself, still as affecting and brilliant now as it ever was, and perhaps most tragically, with the more progressive tendencies of final Death album, 1998s 'The Sound Of Perseverance', and the introduction of his power metal band Control Denied, showcasing his ability to spread himself beyond the boundaries of death metal spectacularly, it was clear that he still had so much more to offer us.

RIP, Chuck. Ten long years but never, ever forgotten.

i bite my lip, with tears in my eyes as i type. thank you for everything, Chuck. love you always. *

phallica 18.02.12 - 02:28pm
A loss, one of my favourites. *

darkxn 10.09.17 - 07:53pm
Truly sad... cry2.GIF *

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