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Subject: Anathema
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ed1983 26.04.10 - 09:46pm
Doom/Death Metal (early), Atmospheric Rock (later)

United Kingdom (Liverpool, England)

Lyrical theme(s)
Doom, Personal Struggles, Love, Despair

Current line-up
Vincent Cavanagh - Vocals, Guitars (1990-)
Daniel Cavanagh - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards (1990-2002, 2003-) (Lid, Antimatter, Leafblade)
Les Smith - Keyboards (2000-) (Cradle of Filth, Antimatter, Ship of Fools)
Jamie Cavanagh - Bas* (1990-1991, 2002-)
John Douglas - Drums (1990-1997, 1998-)
Lee Douglas - Additional Vocals (2000-)

Former/past member(s)
Darren J. White (1990-1995) (Cradle of Filth, The Blood Divine, Dead Men Dream, Serotonal)

Duncan Patterson (1991-1998, also keyboards) (Antimatter, Dreambreed, on)
Dave Pybus (1998-2001) (Massacre, Dreambreed, Angtoria, Cradle of Filth, Darkened (Gbr), Anul Death, The Hatebreeders, Sarah Jezebel Deva)

Shaun Taylor-Steels (1997-1998) (Vagrant God, Solstice (Gbr), Ironside, My Dying Bride)

Martin Powell (1998-2000 live, also violin) (My Dying Bride, Cradle of Filth, Cryptal Darkness, Sarah Jezebel Deva)

Formerly known as Pagan Angel.

In the beginning, Anathema were a doom/death metal band. Progressively, they've changed their music, today playing modern rock.

Guitarist Vincent Cavanagh took over as the band's vocalist when Darren White left. Anathema currently have four of the original five band members in their line-up, but Vincent Cavanagh has been the only ever-present.

Daniel Cavanagh has also worked with Antimatter and Leafblade, and has released a solo tribute album, covering Nick Drake songs which was strictly limited to 1,000 copies. He also parti ted on the Dead Can Dance tribute alb*m 'The Lotus Eaters' covering the song How Fortunate the Man With None

Anathema effectively traded keyboard players with Cradle of Filth in 2000. Martin Powell left his role as Anathema's live keyboardist to join Cradle as replacement for Les Smith, who then went on to join Anathema first in a touring capacity and later as a permanent member.

Vincent, Danny and Jamie Cavanagh are brothers, and Vincent and Jamie are twins. Lee and John Douglas are brother and sister. *

ed1983 26.04.10 - 09:58pm
An Iliad of Woes Demo, 1990
All Faith Is Lost Demo, 1991
Crestfallen EP, 1992
They Die EP, 1992
Serenades Full-length, 1993
We are the Bible Single, 1994
Pentecost III EP, 1995
The Silent Enigma Full-length, 1995
Eternity Full-length, 1996
A Vision of a Dying Embrace Video/VHS, 1997
Alternative Future EP, 1998
Alternative 4 Full-length, 1998
Deep Single, 1999
Make it Right Single, 1999
Judgement Full-length, 1999
Pressure Single, 2001
Resonance Best of/Compilation, 2001
A Fine Day to Exit Full-length, 2001
Resonance 2 Best of/Compilation, 2002
A Vision of a Dying Embrace DVD, 2002
A Natural Disaster Full-length, 2003
Were You There? DVD, 2004
A Moment In Time DVD, 2006
Unchained (Tales of the Unexpected) / Flying Single, 2008
Hindsight Best of/Compilation, 2008
Were Here Because Were Here Full-length, 2010 *

ruoska 27.04.10 - 09:54am
Getting into this band, they're quite good. Favourite songs would probably be Fragile Dreams, Flying and Pressure. Probaby buying the next album. Eventually, when I have enough spare money *

hfb 27.04.10 - 01:49pm
great band,been into em for a long time,fave song is probably a dying wish off the silent enigma,couple of members were also in valle crusis as well,good comprehensive write up though *

jjoyz 27.04.10 - 07:31pm
love the song one last goodbye cry.GIF *

ed1983 28.04.10 - 06:11pm
I saw them live last friday, they are great!!! Ive heard some of the new stuff, it sounds a lil heavier than their last album *

ed1983 28.07.10 - 11:09pm
I just got their newest album, its in one word Perfect!! For me this can be the alb*m of the year!! If you like atmospheric rock with a prog tint, buy We're Here Because We're Here *

ruoska 29.07.10 - 12:51am
I have heard only good stuff about the alb*m but haven't had the money to buy it yet. :( *

aenglisc 1.08.10 - 01:51pm
Cheers ed. Something i must look out for maybe. *

ruoska 2.08.10 - 09:43pm
I ordered it today but got a message saying that they'll send it to me once they get more of it into stock. Hopefully soon. Also ordered the new Iron Maiden album *

ruoska 4.08.10 - 11:00pm
Got We're Here Because We're Here today and I got to say I was impressed, gave it a few spins but still needs more sinking into. First thing that came into mind after the first listen was beautiful *

ed1983 6.08.10 - 08:18pm
Oke it was surely worth all your money. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. I also bought the original copy last week, albums like this I need to have original. What do you think of the last track?? I think its one of the greatest instrumental songs of the last decennium.. *

ruoska 6.08.10 - 10:21pm
It's brilliant, I'm thinking that maybe I'm using the last few lines in a speech I have to give next spring when my friend is getting married. (I'm the bestman you see). Those things the voice tells us about love. The whole alb*m is just so soothing, very beautiful piece of music. *

ruoska 10.04.11 - 11:12am
and over 8 months later I've finally written the speech down and as I said I used Hindsight as the basis for it. *

darkxn 12.04.11 - 07:43am
I'm glad to see this topic - I've been interested in this band for a while now but never got too far with exploring their stuff - only heard one or 2 of their songs in passing but it really stuck in back of my mind..
Thanx - this gives me some direction now :) By the sound of it I'll probably enjoy their old and new stuff equally....! *

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